Laptop Buying Guide : Essential Tips


There are several things needs to be considered while buying a good laptop. Largely the decision depends on several factors one of which is for which purpose you are buying the new one.

While Standalone smartphones or tablets works best , but everyone is well aware that from typing a research to watching a favorite movies, Laptop makes an obvious choice. So the real question is which one really suits your needs? Are you looking for work or is it to watch your favorite shows ? Are you a engineering student who needs performance for it’s practices or are you a avid game player for whom video and sound quality offers a entry into the adventure of the future? Well , there is always a laptop for every need ๐Ÿ™‚

The General guideline is based of following key performance factors which can help you get the laptop of your needs ( dreams ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  • Screen Size & Quality – 12 to 14.5 Inch Screen size could be best fit for portability and usability
  • Processors – For a Budget above Rs.40,000 , You can avail Core i7 Good Laptop for high performance needs
  • RAM & Storage – 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD could be best fit for any professional purpose and needs
  • Graphics – Integrated Graphics Units ( IGU) are mostly available in core i3 , core i5 and higher generation laptops
  • Pre – Installed software – Windows 10 Home and MS Office Pro – most suitable for professional needs
  • Battery Life & Weight – Battery life upto 8 hours with 1.6kg Laptop is ideal choice for traveling.
  • Budget – There are different purpose laptops for different budgets like under 30K , laptops under 40K and more.
  • Brand – It has more to do with your choice and needs. selecting good one is crucial for your needs.

Screen Size & Quality :

Currently Laptops do come on different screen sizes and quality. Few of those screen sizes are 12 ” , 13 up-to 17 inch .

ASUS VivoBook 15 X509 Core i5- 8th Gen - Best Laptops under Rs 50000 in India
Laptop Screen Size

Size – 11 to 14 Inch – These are light weight laptops usually weighing around 1.4 to 1.8 Kg and easy to carry .

Size – 14 to 16 Inch :- These types of laptops provides perfect balance between usability and portability. These are best situated for professional and personal works

Size 16 Inch+ : These laptops provides extra screen for artists or entertainment lovers . These laptop are most suitable to keep at desk and extremely powerful to provide professional work station level output

Quality of the screen matters equally. There are several types of laptop screens particularly useful for various reasons.

TouchScreen – These days you will have to decide whether you would like to have a touch screen . Touch screen laptops are getting usual in new versions and more & more brands are making them available in their all series of products. They certainly offer ease of functionality but usually tend to be on the higher cost end as they come with extra features and needs to be handle with little care.

Resolution of the Screen :- This is another important aspect of the quality of the screen . This largely depends on the usecase and very purpose you are buying the laptop. Different screen resolutions serve different purpose. Example , if you are an artist or requires high pixel density then something like 4K laptops could satisfy your needs but for others who have a very usual case use then usual 1920X 1080 resolutions is a perfect fit

Don’t forget that having FULL HD is good choice as it offers functionality for personal as well as professional use case.

The Common distinction between these laptop screens are as below

These are most budget laptopsThese screens falls under high end laptops and have better clarity than HD onesUltra HD or called as 4K resolution Screens have 4 times the resolutions of Full HD hence called 4K
Usual Screen size is 1366 x 768Screen resolution is 1920 x 1080Screen resolution is 3840 x 2160
Useful for : playing basic games, watching documentsYou can enjoy movies and sports with sharper visual experienceProduces sharper images and useful for high end video editing and playing high end video games. These screens are usually at higher end of costing


While buying a laptop, its performance is a output of the processor it is using . There are mainly 2 companies which makes laptops processors these days . one is Intel while the other is AMD. Selecting the right processor for the right purpose is the key.

While it may seem only 2 processors , they have several families of iterations and series among themselves each being the more advance than the old ones and have been designed for specific evolving needs of the future

Processors of Intel Family

Below is the breakdown of the each type of processor and their respective types of users for which those processors makes a good fit. Lets explore one by one to have detail idea around them


Intel has been at the forefront of the compute industry evolution & have made a huge impact of mostly what we are seeing today. They are one of the largest & innovative chip ( processor ) makers who made all this happen.

Intel has been designing more & more powerful chips day by day and few of the promising series are given below .

ATOM – This is the oldest Intel chip of the Intel processor family. It comes with basic computing power and is really affordable chip which is useful for basic computing works. Some of the use cases involve :- watching movies, often found in tablet and notebooks . It comes with 1-4 cores with a clock speed of 1.3 to 1.6 GHz

CELERON /PENTIUM – This is faster than ATOM series and useful for watching movies , shows , browsing emails etc. This series comes with 2-4 core with clock speed up-to 3.7 GHz. This is perfect around budget laptops with ability for web surfing , document editing and light use case. This is widely used processor in modern day computing and has been top selling processor from Intel

CORE i3 – Core i3 is the latest of Intel Core processors which offers better productivity and performance. It is 1st of the Core processors and useful for several tasks like watching movies along with other tasks that Pentium can do but true distinction of these series is Core i3 can do multitasking with utmost speed and accuracy . This is a clear winner and a step further from Pentium generations of processors. The usual clock speed of Core i3 ranges upto 4 GHz with 2-4 cores processors

CORE i5 – Yes , you guessed it right ,this is the next version of Core family of processors under Intel. This has everything that Core i3 has plus it can do light gaming , photo editing and heavy document works. This is best choice for professional for whom performance matters with little high cost. The usual clock speed of this processor is 1.9 to 4.0 GHz with core processors from 2 to 4 .

CORE i7 – This is definitely a step up from core i5 and has 4 core and uses higher wattage. This processor is cut out for the best performance with higher productivity. Clock speed can go upto 4 GHz

CORE i9 – This is one the highest series of processors from intel Family which has higher performance from all the Core series of processors. These are specifically useful for hardcore gaming and heavy photo & video editing professionals The clock speed goes upto 5 GHz for this series and have 8 cores of processors.


This is another contender in the processors family and has been widely used in modern computing . Like Intel , AMD has several series of processors which also varies based off their performance and productivity

AMD Ryzen 4000 – This is new AMD chip-set. Essentially it is perfectly designed to compete with Intel Core i7

AMD A, FX or E Series – These are found on the lower end of the series with a decent processors and enough computing power for daily needs. They are sometimes called as APUs than CPUs and useful for basic web surfing and usual documentation works

RAM and Storage

Moving to the next aspect of the laptop buying is RAM and a memory access . Random Access Memory is often called as RAM is a internal system memory which is heavily utilized for doing multitasking and for concurrent operations and users. This is the part of the memory mainly responsible for laptop performance.


Typical types of RAM are 1. DDR4 which are faster and efficient 2. DDR3 older, slower and consumer more power.

The power of the RAM ranges from 2 GB , 4 GB , 8 GB and 16 GB. More the memory better the laptop performance

Storage on the other hand is the secondary – extensible memory where permanent storage of important files and data is done, There are few parts of the these memories and are useful under different use cases.

External storage i.e. Hard disk of the latops has several types. Mainly described below.

Hard Disk Drive – This gives a lot of capacity for storing an important files and documents

Solid State Drive (SSD) – Solid State Drive is faster than HDD and comes with higher cost than HDD

Solid State Hybrid Drive ( SSHD )- This is combinations of HDD and SSD. This comes with usually 128 GB SSD along with 500 GB or 1 TB paired HDD. The O.S. could be installed on SSD while important documents , movies, files are stored on HDD.

Graphics Cards

The Graphics cards are important for new age laptops to start processing of the high end videos and quality games. It is the dedicated chip inside your laptop which is mainly responsible for the quality of the visuals you see on the screen.

Nvidia Graphics Card

Currently most photo editing software & design software do require the graphics card to run the program smoothly as these program require extra processing power which can be achieved using dedicated graphics cards on the board

There are 2 main players in the graphics cards industry. Nvidia graphics cards and AMD Graphics Card. Both these players offer extra graphic processing functionality for various graphics heavy needs like hard core gaming , high quality video or photo editing , design software like auto cad.

In general , there are 2 ways , you have these Graphics processing Units on board .

1 . Integrated Graphics Card – These are present on almost all laptops which are integrated directly onto motherboard . They have decent processing power to let you play games and light photo editing features

Intel does have integrated graphics chip which is efficient enough for daily needs

2. Dedicated Graphics Card – They come separately and are solely dedicated to heavy photo editing and gaming and more as these activities require higher processing power. Nvidia & AMD comes with such graphics processing capabilities

Pre Installed Software

Deciding whether you would like to opt for Windows Vs Mac Vs Chrome OS is primary decisions. Most of the laptop comes with Windows OS 10 Home .

Windows 10 Home is the latest Operating system from Microsoft and it comes with great features and ideal for home / personal use case. The usual price range starts from Rs. 30,000 onwards. It does support all the required device drivers to make the laptop future ready and has tremendous updates supports

Windows 10

Apart from Windows , Apple laptops do come with their inhouse os called Mac and is pretty good for personal usecase. But the only hind sight is that it comes at a higher cost starting from Rs 60,000 and above with a Apple as a Brand

Few of the notebooks come with Chrome OS and widely suitable for basic internet activities as online editing or online surfing . They are very budget laptops but have difficulties in working with office documents

Apart from OS, other pre-installed softwares some laptop series have is MS office Pro. This is deifitenly a good edition and is valuable add for almost every Laptop users from home to professionals . This allows working with docs super easy and convenient work stations

Battery & Weight

The Battery life for the laptop is what makes it more portable and usable .The current laptops comes with different batteries and are made for different needs.

Laptop Battery

several needs require different battery needs . on the top of this , if you have a amazing light weight then it is like iceing on the cake. Long hours batteries with light weight laptops are mostly useful for the individuals who are looking for travel oriented lifestyle or professionals with the need of long battery hours to make it accessible at the time of presentations ๐Ÿ™‚

Currently different laptops comes with different battey hours and so do their prices changes . Few last upto 5 hours while some last upto 12 hours.

Another aspect of the battery is the capability to charge quickly. Few batteries take as much as only 20 mins to charge upto 3 hours of battery life. These aspects are important while purchasing the right laptop for the relevant needs

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